In the past few years, gallium-nitride (GaN) FETs have become more widespread in power electronics. Due to their outstanding characteristics, GaN FETs play an increasingly important role in miniaturization of the switching converters with a very high power densities exceeding 100 W / cm3 and more. The efficiency of converters based on GaN transistors can reach 99.5%.

To simplify and accelerate the development process of many devices (D-class audio amplifiers, AC current and voltage calibrators, power supply modulators etc.), the new family of Intellectual Power Amplifier Modules (IPAMs) was introduced.

Main Features
• Fully Differential DC-50 kHz Power Amplifier
• Typical Efficiency > 97 %
• Gallium-Nitride Power eFETs
• Transition Frequency up to 10 MHz
• Power Supply Voltage up to 80 V
• Output Current up to 20 A
• Max output power 500 W
• Size 76 x 36 x 18 mm

• Audio Power Amplifiers
• DC/DC Converters
• Actuator and Motor Controls
• Modulators

RevoGaN-8020 can be used as extremely high quality audio power amplifier. It has additional inputs (CFB+, CFB-) to connect additional external amplifier to increase the overall loop gain for 20-40 dB. Such solution can provide 10-20ppm dynamic linearity.